Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal: Weak Referee and Cheating Costa

Yesterday’s match has sparked all kinds of debates and what ifs, all because the actions (or non actions) of two men. The first is Diego Costa, a known bully, cry baby, wind up merchant and cheat. He loves to dish it out but as soon as he is touched in any way then he cries to the ref like a petulant child.

It started as soon as the third minute. The ‘hard man’ dived then waved an imaginary card to Mike Dean. I thought that behaviour had been clamped down on? I always thought if a player starts waving invisible cards to the ref then they should be booked themselves.

The main incident that sparked all the controversy yesterday involved three players. Koscielny was marking Costa, who put both his hands on his face then followed up with a wild swing. Koscielny, to his credit, did not rise to the bait of Costa’s antics but he was then chest bumped to the ground. Where was the referee to take control of the matter? Oh too busy imagining what headlines he could make for himself the next day.

Gabriel got involved, which we all loved to see, and confronted Diego Costa but then it went too far. Costa scratched Gabriel round the back of the neck, like a little girl would do, resulting in both players receiving a yellow card. I could understand both players getting booked for that incident but what about the entire build up and the fact Costa tried dismantle Koscielny’s face?

The next stage of the incident is where it demonstrated a lack of a leader in our team. Where was the captain or leaders on the pitch to take hold of Gabriel, move him away from the snide cheat and calm him down? Instead Gabriel let Costa’s games get inside his head which saw him receive a straight red for flicking out a boot. Silly behaviour. But in his reluctance to leave the pitch, Kurt Zouma grabbed Gabriel around the throat. Surely this is also a red card? Oh…and guess who was the first around the pathetic Mike Dean complaining and trying to get our players sent off? Cesc Fabregas, the player our fans gave a standing ovation to previously. He doesn’t give a monkey about your respect and every “fan” who stood and clapped him has no respect from me.

I feel our team are too nice and honest. If you know that Costa is on a yellow card and just evaded multiple sending off offences, with his head still hot, surely you’d get your players to rile him up for to retaliate back and get him sent off in turn? Nope our overly friendly team just got on with their game. It’s great to see one of our players finally stand up for another one but where was everyone else? Where was another player to back up Gabriel? Where was our leader to defuse the situation?

I don’t get how the linesman managed to see the flick of Gabriel’s boot but not the 4-5 incidents from a single player building up to it. Mike Dean is an incredibly incompetent referee and even Garth Crooks had some truthful words about him.

Mike Dean ruined what was a pretty even game up until that point. I thought we could come away from Stamford Bridge with a point until the melee unfolded and Mike Dean could not take charge of a situation and miss clear evidence of violent behaviour.

In the second half it got even worse. Santi Cazorla saw a second yellow for a late challenge on Fabgregas, who made the most of it (surprise surprise) but you couldn’t argue against it. Oh look, Diego Costa evaded yet another second yellow, or even a straight red, for flicking his boot out at Chamberlain. Not even a foul? Superb double standard Mike Dean….superb.

We did have a chance to equalise, before Hazard made it 2-0 in injury time, through Alexis Sanchez but he put it wide. I don’t know what has happened to the Chilean, he seems a shadow of the player he was last season. Ramsey also had a terrible game constantly giving the ball away.

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The inevitable also happened during the first half. Coquelin went down clutching his knee and the physio had to come on to give him treatment. Hearts were in mouths as we knew this was going to happen eventually but just not this soon. Whispers are that he will be out for around 1-2 months so we now have to put up with old man Arteta in the holding role. I think the Spaniard is a great professional and a great man but on the pitch he is done as a top-level player.

I was also disappointed to see the players pat the Chelsea players on the back and shake their hands after the game. You would never have seen that during the Adams or Vieira era. As I said previously we are too nice and honest. How can they stomach congratulating them after what they did?

The blame for the state of our squad, now we have encountered the inevitable injuries to key players, can only lie with the board and Wenger for not reinforcing out squad. We all knew Coquelin needed cover but we didn’t buy anyone. I bet Schneiderlin for £25m is looking good now isn’t it. We all saw how we played with Arteta in that role against Zagreb.

Wenger had the following to say about the match:

“He can do what he wants, and he stays on. He will do same next week, and week after, and get away with it. In every game there’s aggravation, he gets away with it because referees are weak. We are also guilty because we reacted to it, but every time somebody touches him he goes down like he has been killed.

I wouldn’t like to be Mike Dean tonight, I can’t understand how he dealt with the situations. I am very disappointed by Mike Dean’s performance”


Can’t argue with Wenger’s comments but you can definitely argue the summer transfer policy and lack of cover in the squad. No striker, no one to rotate with out of form players, no one to cover Coquelin.

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